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MS Access is a powerful RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool ideally suited to small workgroups that need a quick solution for storing and managing data.  Packaged with Office Pro and above, it is remarkably powerful, yet simple and inexpensive and performs admirably in both single and multi-user environments.

At CDS, we take a comprehensive approach to Access application development.  We study your business process, analyze current data-management methods, listen carefully to your ideas and expectations, then translate all that knowledge into a blueprint for the program that will be designed to your exact specifications, streamlining daily tasks and providing greater efficiency, which nearly always improves the bottom line.

We pay particular attention to proper relational data architecture, organizing your data components into a table structure that is compact, efficient and non-redundant, forming a solid foundation that can be easily expanded as needs change.  Good SQL querying techniques and Visual Basic programming methods provide intelligence, automation and maximize the user's experience.  This is where the "Bells and Whistles" are created, limited only by your imagination.

Finally, we design a unique "look" for your new system, incorporating your company logo as well as consistent color-schemes and record navigation.  After thoroughly testing the final product, we install it onsite, conduct all appropriate training, then provide ongoing support and enhancements.
MS ACCESS Development

In a client-server environment, we use the rich design capabilities of Access to create great-looking client-side GUI's, bypassing its data storage functions and using ODBC connectivity to retrieve remotely-stored data.